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Hi my name is Natalie...

for as long as I could remember, I’ve had an addiction to perfumes and smelling good!

I started selling perfume oils about 10 years ago. I’ve mostly kept it local and between friends and family. I simply love to have a huge selection of amazing scents without having to spend so much.

I use them in many ways; I put oils in a spray bottle and spray my bed & my car. I sometimes use the oils on a face cloth in my dresser drawer to make my clothes smell nice and I also put some in a oil burner to make my home smell like all my favorite brand perfumes.

I’m excited to launch my website and share this with you all!


They are less overpowering and less likely to irritate your skin. They’re more bang for your buck. Sprays have alcohol in them so oils last longer.

Our 10ml roll on bottles make for easy application. Simply roll onto your neck or wrist and rub into skin. **Do not apply directly on clothing **

They shouldn’t but everybody is different. It is recommended to apply on a small area to begin. It can also be used in oil burners, candles, the choices are endless.


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